Opinionated Cooking

Hey there.

My name is Vega, and I can't cook, so I'll be letting my friends take this one over.

Why you should take the time to be a functional adult:

Opinionated Design

Hey there.

My name is Vega. I know there are plenty of tutorials and ways to learn online be it on YouTube, SkillShare, or online classes provided for free by various universities. The difference here is …

Opinionated Engineering

Opinionated Music

An Interview with LoialOtter

Introduction: I'm Matthew or LoialOtter, a crazy person up in western Canada who likes to make stuff. I work at Kron Technology as an engineer mainly in FPGA, electronics design and hardware design.

I don't have any credentials except a certificate in baking and pastry arts. I'm self-taught mostly due …

The Future of Human Computer Interfaces and How We Work

I'm going to start out with the pile of question's I asked myself as I wrote this.

What do you see when you sit down to work? My guess is a desk pressed against a wall, maybe a few shelves, one, maybe two monitors in front of you, and a …

Vega's Setup and Workflow

I've always had a strange interest in optimization. This is probably one of the reasons I love working with computers and electronics so much- they can be used to optimize, sometimes to the point of automation, so many tasks and then even the execution of this task itself can be …

The 4400 (watts)

About six moths ago (approx February of '18) I decided to pursue a project to make it so I could run Linux or windows programs on the same system without issues... or at least as smoothly as possible. I had quite a few ways I knew I could go about …